It's Not About You

425 Downtown (425 W. Walnut Street; Springfield, MO)


When you say, "I'm sorry" to an co-worker, do you always mean it? When you forgot to turn in the paperwork on time, did you give an excuse or admit it slipped your mind? These are only a couple of examples, but we can all admit that we've had those moments where it is easier to dish it out and harder to take it. The impression and contribution to our team crucial to your company's success!

Sometimes it's not all about you. And sometimes, a slice of humble pie is exactly what your team needs from you as their leader. At this month's Mastremind, we'll discover what Leadership Traits we Value Most vs. What Leadership Traits we "should be" valuing most.

Let's jump in together and unpack "why" humility is so hard in front of your co-workers, employees, and supervisors. Join us on Friday, March 16th from 7:30-9:30am at 425 Downtown for great conversation, breakfast and networking.

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