People Centric Management Seminar

425 Downtown (425 W. Walnut)

Springfield, MO 65806

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Most companies spend a significant amount of time training front line staff, but very little time training supervisors, manager, and executives to effectively lead and motivate people.  Studies show effective managers increase engagement levels within the company, driving increased profitability and productivity.  Our team of experts have put together a one-day management seminar to prepare all levels of managers with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to lead and motivate their people. 
Major learning objectives for participants are to:
  • Learn how to become an effective manager and leader
  • Learn about your own communication style and how to more effectively communicate with others
  • Learn how to run an effective (and energizing) meeting that encourages engagement and interaction
  • Learn how to deal with toxic employees
  • Learn how to establish a culture of accountability in your team

Our one-day Seminar will be on Friday, February 10th from 8-5 at 425 Downtown. The price will be $495/participant and includes lunch, snacks and refreshments for the day.

For more information, please contact our People Centric Consulting Team at 417.887.6760 or email

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