"People Centric partners with organizations to help them align the passions of their people with the needs of the organization to create the best possible future for both."
DON HARKEY, Chief Executive Officer

Don Harkey spent the first decade of his career with Fortune 500 companies (3M, ADM) as a chemical engineer where he played different roles including a shift supervisor and project engineer. He also learned principles of leadership, Six-Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing. Most importantly, he learned how to implement systems that help teams to be successful.

In 2012, Don cofounded People Centric Consulting Group, and became the sole owner in 2018. Don is a popular keynote speaker delivering high-energy, interactive and often humorous presentations on topics including managing Millennials, building a healthy culture, developing better managers and leaders, and methods of handling toxic employees. His primary role at People Centric is business development, although he still works with many clients. His favorite saying is “Passion is Productive."

Office: 417-887-6760 | Cell: 417-459-2887 | Email: donharkey@peopleccg.com





Don Harkey

Chief Executive Officer

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