Technology companies face a set of challenges like companies in no other industry. People Centric is adept at working with fast-paced tech companies to ensure they can achieve the results they need and still launch quality products under tight deadlines.

Technology Consulting

Technology companies must combat near-constant innovation in all aspects of their industry, such as different types of project management ideologies, tight deadlines, managing client expectations, and more.

Technology changes at an incredible rate, requiring a continual investment in training and evaluation. At the same time, customers ask for the latest and greatest technologies while demanding proven and reliable results. Service technicians must be proficient in both the technology and serving the customer.

In order to deal with these fast-paced challenges, technology organizations need to invest in their own culture to support the high level of communication, technical, and customer skills necessary for long-term success. People Centric can help technology companies install systems that help find, onboard, and train your people with the non-technical skills required for the job. We can work with your highly skilled technical managers and help them become highly skilled people managers. We can also work with your organization to help you establish a clear strategic direction followed by a successful implementation of your strategic objectives.

People Centric is here to help you upgrade your technical organization with improved internal systems and capabilities.

We know information technology systems, but People Centric knows people systems. People Centric helped us to understand our roles, then design and implement, which positioned us for improved growth and profitability.
John HortonPresident, Layer 3 Technology

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