Small Business

Owning and working in a small business can be a challenge. People Centric works with small businesses to give them the tools they need to succeed on a day-to-day basis while keeping an eye on overarching goals.

Small Business Consulting

Small businesses are a whirlwind of continual change, innovation, growth, and management of the bottom line. We know small businesses struggle with balancing quality and growth, personnel and roles, culture identification, founder dependence, and sustainability. After all, owners of small businesses often do everything. They serve the customer. They know their product. They take out the trash. They hire and fire. Everything.

Successful small business owners realize that, at some point, they cannot, and should not, do everything. They need to build a company that is bigger than any individual. This requires systems to manage your people, your communication, and your processes. It requires systematic planning and goal setting. It requires empowering and trusting people to do things you normally do as well as building a culture of accountability that ensures those people will do it as well, and probably even better than you do. It requires building a culture where high performers thrive and where low performers search for their next opportunity outside of your company.

People Centric loves small business. We love the passion and drive of small business owners, so we're committed to helping small businesses reach new levels of success by allowing business owners to focus on the work they love while earning the profit they deserve. Upgrade your business and get it ready for a new level of success.

Our partnership with People Centric has produced strategic planning, leadership development and tools for employee accountability and has helped to steer the Vision Clinic on a continued path for success!
Myra HuserOperations Manager, Vision Clinic

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