People Centric helps retail businesses create and execute strategic plans that proactively move your business into a more successful future. Centered on our proven approach of establishing an environment of engagement, focus, and accountability, we will make a real difference for your retail business.

Retail Consulting

Few businesses are more affected by economic and social trends than those in the retail market. Retail businesses must figure out how to sell products to both the Baby Boomer generation and the Millennial generation—which has officially emerged as a huge segment of the consumer market. They must also find ways to leverage new and ever-changing technologies, from payment systems to mobile online shopping to social networks. While 87% of global consumers care about your corporate social responsibilities, you simply must maintain a tight focus on your costs and margins.

Successful retailers are strategic in their approach and don’t wait for trends to overtake them. They proactively and systematically plan for the future, working to stay focused on the customer while continually innovating and improving their product offerings and efficiencies. They build cultures where engaged and productive employees thrive, resulting in a sense of pride that compels them to protect the customer service experience. They train their managers to effectively lead and motivate, minimizing turnover.

People Centric can help retailers implement systems that engage and motivate employees who will then sell more and provide better customer service. By helping you develop and execute a strategic plan that results in a highly productive culture of engagement, focus, and accountability, People Centric will help you proactively step into greater success for the present and future.

People Centric is really good at helping the people too close to the business who can’t see the problem clearly.
Nancy DornanPresident, Maschino's

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