Restaurant and Hospitality Consulting

We can help your restaurant or hotel establish and achieve clear strategic goals that align everyone in your organization toward the common purpose of excellent service and an unbeatable experience.

Serving the Restaurant and Hospitality Industries

While many things have changed in the restaurant and hospitality industries, it's still really all about service and experience. Millennials are the fastest-growing group of guests, and they demand high-quality experiences and friendly, attentive service. Digital-savvy guests look to become more self sufficient in their experience by booking their own rooms or ordering their own food online. At the same time, people can now easily, often unabashedly share their experiences with thousands of other prospective guests with a quick post to social networks, potentially damaging or advancing your reputation.

Fortunately, the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry is still about people. Successful companies focus resources on making sure that their own people are engaged and set up for success. This is due to the fact that most consumers establish a strong opinion on their experience within a few minutes of walking into a restaurant, hotel, or resort.

People Centric can help you implement systems that maximize your most important resource: your people. Our experience in restaurant and hospitality consulting allows us to help you establish and execute clear strategic goals that bring individuals together as a cohesive, engaged team committed to a common purpose. With efficient hiring and onboarding systems coupled with effective employee and management development systems, you can build a productive culture that encourages engagement, focus, and accountability, which results in happy guests and sustainable profitability.

With People Centric's help, we implemented a strategic plan that helped us to make real improvements in our organization that made us even better. It was definitely worth the investment!
Missy HandysideGeneral Manager, Ramada Plaza Hotel & Oasis Convention Center

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