We know that nonprofits have their own set of specific challenges. From board turnover to fundraising, we can help nonprofits get the results they need while always focusing on the people and communities that they serve.

Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations

The primary challenge nonprofits face currently is a lack of resources. Many nonprofits are focused on maintaining or growing funding to meet their own increasing expenses. At the same time, community needs are growing, resulting in 80% of nonprofits reporting an increased demand for their services. 

People Centric has helped many nonprofits become better organizations by establishing a clear vision of the future and improving their own communication both internally and externally. With clear direction and improved communication, nonprofits often find they can generate more resources because they do a better job meeting the needs of the community. Developing a culture of accountability and engagement increases a nonprofit's credibility to potential donors, volunteers, and community partners.

The Springfield Botanical Gardens engaged People Centric to help us with strategic planning and then to help us restructure our organization to position us to grow. The results have been remarkable.
Tom FinnieBoard President, Springfield Botanical Gardens

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