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In the media and publishing world, shifts in market trends across channels or publications make changes to the industry a common occurence.. People Centric recognizes this phenomenon and offers our expertise to help clients overcome the difficulties these shifts cause.

Consulting for Media and Publishing Industries

The ways people consume their information has changed forever and will continue evolving for the foreseeable future. Digital media poses an obvious challenge to the long-term profitability of print media. Online programming is now stepping up to challenge the dominance of broadcast and cable TV. Likewise, internet and satellite radio are vying for the crown broadcast that radio has long held for audio content. Despite these shifts, it holds true that offerings from media and publishing companies are in high demand, as people will always require sources for the valuable information they need and crave.

Many successful media and publishing companies are diversifying their offerings across multiple platforms. They find innovative ways to build new revenue streams that capitalize on their unique strengths and capabilities. Yet this new demand for innovation requires an organizational culture that engages employees and creates strong leaders.

People Centric can help your media or publishing company develop and implement a strategic plan to diversify the business and fully take advantage of its own strengths. Our experienced consultants will train your managers to be effective leaders who inspire employees to become and remain engaged and motivated. We can help you implement cultural management systems that build a high-performing culture of engagement, focus, and accountability.

People Centric facilitated a process that helped our teams discover what they could do best and how they could do it better together. We are good, but People Centric helped us to be better.
Brian McDonoughGeneral Manager, KY3 and Ozarks CW

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