People Centric understands the types of challenges the manufacturing industry can often encounter, and our expert consultants can help companies rise above such challenges for greater efficiency and higher output than ever before.

Manufacturing Consulting

Manufacturing companies encounter plenty of difficulties on a daily basis, whether it be ever-increasing regulations, the widening skills gap, or even environmental concerns. People Centric works with manufacturers to help them reach new levels of success, while continually focusing on the end product and efficiencies that will save money while increasing output.

In today’s job market, finding a qualified and skilled workforce can be a significant challenge for manufacturers. Low unemployment creates a lean pool of candidates. Many manufacturers are forced to deal with the cost of frequent turnover. Struggling manufacturers spend many of their resources finding and training new employees to replace employees who have left. The resulting financial impact can be crippling, with turnover costs as high as one to two times a person’s annual wage for every employee lost.

Successful manufacturers spend their resources building a culture where high-performing workers thrive and low-performing workers leave of their own accord. People Centric can help your company install systems that foster a culture of engagement, focus, and accountability. It’s time to stop throwing new people at your company, hoping something will change; it's time to start building up the employees you already have. This begins by implementing systems to train your managers to effectively lead and motivate their people, rather than merely managing production. It is supplemented by giving your people opportunities to take ownership of and improve the internal processes that impact their day-to-day worklife.

Stop running your "people machine" harder and harder, expecting a different outcome than that approach has previously produced. Instead, let People Centric help you redesign your people machine so your people can become fully equipped to work better.

Layer 3 Technology has developed a reputation for our quality service and our technical expertise. However, as we grew, we realized we needed to design our company with clear roles and responsibilities. People Centric helped us to understand our roles, then design and implement, which positioned us for improved growth and profitability. We know information technology systems, but People Centric knows people systems. would highly recommend People Centric.
John HortonPresident, Layer 3 Technology

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