People Centric understands the challenges educators and educational facilities face on a daily basis. We work with educational institutions to ensure their teams can achieve what they need while focusing on educating students.

Consulting for Education 

From student retention, to changes in State and Federal standards and innovating to prepare students for whatever lies ahead, People Centric works with educational institutions to ensure they can earn the results they need while focusing on the students.

The education industry has a long history filled with rich traditions, which have recently been turned upside down. As costs skyrocket and workforce demands continually change, public, private, and community colleges are forced to find new ways to serve students. Revelations in the way that students learn and how progress is tracked has changed the way we look at education. At the same time, finding ways to implement technology provides its own unique challenges. When you add up all these factors with increased regulation and decreased funding, the education industry is in a critical transition.

Educational systems must figure out how to simultaneously grow and innovate. This requires a healthy organization with clear direction, effective leadership, and constant communication. People Centric can help your organization filter through your multiple opportunities and challenges to create a clear strategic direction. We can then help you engage your entire team in the implementation of your most important strategic objectives. We can also help you install systems within your organization that will help you develop your managers, improve your communication, and continually improve your processes.

Don Harkey from People Centric worked with my team at Plaster Student Union at Missouri State University. We had a diverse team with a common passion but often competing interests and he brought us back together to identify a common path.
Jeremy SchenkDirector of the University Student Commons and Activities, Northwestern University

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