Industry-Specific Strategic Planning & Consulting

People Centric Consulting Group knows that overseeing a successful organization requires a unique strategy shaped around the standards and needs of the industry you serve. We understand every industry presents its own set of challenges, changes, and opportunities. For example, excellent hospital or healthcare strategic planning consultants may not have the insights needed for hotel consulting or retail consulting. We have knowledgable business consultants with a proven track record in your industry.

At People Centric, our consultants are experienced and well versed in solving the strategic planning and business consulting needs for several industries.

Healthcare & Medical

People Centric is capable of  guiding healthcare providers through implementing systems that help create a high-performing culture of engagement, focus, and accountability.

See Our Healthcare, Hospitals, and Medical Capabilities

Media & Publishing

In the media and publishing world, shifts in market trends across channels or publications make changes to the industry a common occurence.. People Centric recognizes this phenomenon and offers our expertise to help clients overcome the difficulties these shifts cause.

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People Centric understands friction-causing challenges the manufacturing industry can face, and our expert consultants are here to help companies work through these issues for more efficiency and output.

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People Centric can help professional firms implement systems to hire and onboard qualified staff, train managers, improve communication, and ensure profitability.

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Technology companies must rise above challenges like those in no other industry. People Centric works with technology companies to ensure success within their fast-paced industry.

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Small Business

Owning and working in a small business can be a challenge. People Centric works with small businesses to provide the tools needed to achieve day-to-day efficiency while keeping an eye on overarching goals.

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People Centric understands the challenges educators and educational facilities face on a daily basis. We work with faculties and staffs to ensure they get the results that they need while focusing on their most important assets—students.

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Restaurant and Hospitality

We can help you establish and achieve clear strategic goals while aligning everyone in your organization toward the common purpose of excellent service and memorable experiences.

See Our Restaurant and Hotel Consulting Capabilities


We can help retailers develop and execute strategic plans to proactively embrace the future. Centered on our proven approach of establishing an environment of engagement, focus, and accountability, we will make a real difference for your retail business.

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We know that nonprofits have their own set of specific challenges. From boards to fundraising, we can help nonprofits get the results they need while always focusing on the people and communities that they serve.

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From healthcare and nonprofits to manufacturing or hotel consulting, each industry we work with has its own unique characteristics. However, what they all have in common is people.
Don HarkeyPeople Centric Chief Executive Officer

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