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Why is a career with People Centric Consulting Group such a highly coveted opportunity? We recognize the value of our people and practice the approaches we recommend to our clients. Because our leaders work hard to ensure a healthy working environment and engaged team members, strategic planning jobs and business consulting jobs at People Centric let motivated people continually grow so they can help our clients thrive.

Strategic Planning Jobs

Considering changing strategic planning jobs soon? Currently, our strategic planning jobs are fully staffed, but check here for new opportunities at People Centric as positions become available.

Business Consulting Jobs

We encourage motivated professionals seeking business consulting jobs to apply with People Centric. At this time, we are currently hiring for an Engagement Specialist and welcome you to apply.

This position requires great communication and facilitation skills, and the ability to prepare and give presentations and train managers, solve problems, and consult with small to mid sized business owners. Engagement Specialists work with clients using the following five (5) core competencies:

Insight - Intuitively help our clients gain an accurate understanding of their organization. 

Project Management - Effectively manage multiple projects and conversations.

Facilitation - Lead meaningful and inclusive conversations that advance communication.

Coaching - Ask insightful questions to help a person create their own path or gain clarity.

Training - Pass along valuable and relevant knowlege or teach new and specific skills or behaviors.

This position works directly with clients on a day to day basis and is salaried at $48,000. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to

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From healthcare and nonprofits to manufacturing or hotel consulting, each industry we work with has its own unique characteristics. However, what they all have in common is people.
Don HarkeyPeople Centric Chief Innovation Officer

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