How It Works

Get started with us. Together, we can co-create the best action plan for your company to get results.

Becoming People Centric

People Centric can work with you to get the results you have been waiting for. We do this in two different ways: projects or a partnership.  Through a project, we can facilitate a retreat or strategic planning session that can get your team headed in a clear direction.  With a partnership, together, we can co-create a proposal that opens the door to all of our various services. Using a monthly dashboard to track progress and hold each other accountable, we can face the most common and biggest challenges, and you are free to cancel anytime. It's simple; you stop paying, we will stop working.

To get started, call us at 417.887.6760  for a free consultation. We will listen to the needs of your organization and help you decide what best options are available. Your company's success is dependent on what you do next.

From healthcare and nonprofits to manufacturing or hotel consulting, each industry we work with has its own unique characteristics. However, what they all have in common is people.
Don HarkeyPeople Centric Chief Executive Officer

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