Helping Your Team Focus

  • Employees who state that their organization's values are "known and understood" are 51 times more likely to be fully engaged.

  • 73%

    of managers believe that implementation is more difficult than planning while 82% believe implementation is the area of strategic planning where they have the least amount of control.

  • Most executives struggle with managing too many¬†ideas, making execution and focus difficult.

Organizations work better when everyone has a clear definition of winning. When winning is defined, work becomes aligned, communication becomes more effective, people are motivated, and teamwork becomes more prevalent. If your team doesn't have a radically clear definition of what winning looks like, your organization is simply throwing your money away.

The organizations that win understand how alignment throughout the organization creates focus. A strong vision helps the organization determine where it is headed over the long haul. Formal strategic planning helps the organization focus on the next and most important steps. Role definition helps each employee know how their role fits within the bigger picture of the organization. Real success comes when vision, planning, implementation, and role definition come together.

Playing and Winning the Game with a Mission and Vision

The most successful organizations know what they do and where they are headed. If your company is playing a game, the Mission is the definition of the game and the Vision is what winning looks like. People Centric can help you to define a Mission and Vision that works with your organization’s strengths and passions.

The purpose of a mission and vision is to create radical clarity for your team members and what their future looks like. People Centric can facilitate a Vision Retreat with your executive team to visualize your future while taking a hard and realistic look at the present. We can help you develop powerful language and objectives that will guide your current and future employees in the right direction.

People Centric can help you formulate a Mission and Vision that resonates with every member of your team.

What's the Next Move? Strategic Planning and Execution

A good strategic plan should be simple, clear, and compelling. It should serve as a map that guides all the actions of your organization. Many organizations have a strategic plan, but it is the strategic implementation that is the biggest challenge. People Centric can facilitate a formal strategic planning retreat that will create a strategy that is clear and executable. The strategic planning retreat concludes with a short list of key objectives and the next steps for your team to take. This strategic plan will serve as a guide for the next year.

People Centric can then partner with you to help you to execute and hold you accountable to the plan. Some studies show that up to 90% of strategic plans fail because when the retreat is over, the executive team goes back to work and the plan gets overshadowed by the day to day. Many successful companies work with People Centric as an accountability partner to keep the strategic objectives in front of the entire team. People Centric can provide insights and shortcuts to facilitate the execution and ensure results.

Get Your People in the Game with Role Definition

When people know why they are doing something, they become motivated.  People Centric can partner with you to engage your people to create clear role definitions that connect individual purpose with the overall success of the company.

Struggling with unmotivated employees? Ask our experts what your next step should be.

Prepare for Growth by Designing a Scalable Company

The processes and tactics that work well for a small team will not work as the team grows. It becomes critical that leaders redesign the organization to scale properly. People Centric can partner with you to redesign your organization and prepare it for growth. Together, we can develop and install new levels of management, and redefine roles that allow people to utilize their strengths.

Prepare your company for growth and enter into a partnership with People Centric.

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