Cultivating Accountability

  • Many managers avoid difficult conversations with employees until the issue becomes too serious.

  • 69%

    of managers report that they struggle to communicate with their employees "in general".  

  • Engaged employees are more than twice as likely to quit if they work with a toxic employee.

Accountability is one of the largest hurdles to the success of an organization. Creating a culture of accountability requires having difficult conversations, building high levels of trust, and setting clear expectations.

Accountable Performance with Appraisals and Check-Ins

Traditional annual performance appraisals do not work and are doing you more harm than good. The idea of annually judging the performance of your employees is an outdated idea that gives managers an excuse for not continuously managing their employees. People Centric has a better process. 

Our performance evaluation process creates quarterly coaching conversations between each supervisor and their employees. We will train your managers how to hold these conversations in a way that creates ownership and buy-in from the employees.

Our team management strategies and activities can improve your employees' performance by leaps and bounds.

The Toxic Employee

It is difficult to know what to do when employees who are good at their job, but have a bad attitude. These employees are known as toxic and they are incredibly damaging to the organization. Toxic employees find themselves misaligned with the organization’s mission and vision and actively recruit others to join them. Toxic employees are a huge distraction and can reduce the productivity of the rest of their team by up to 40%.

It's time to stop letting your toxic employees dictate your culture. Our experts will coach your managers through a "watershed conversation" that will either get your toxic employee realigned with the company or efficiently offboarded. Either way, your team—and your company—wins.

If you're struggling with toxic employees, let People Centric's expertise step in. Schedule a free consultation to get started.

Become a Better Manager: Management 360°

When an executive underestimates their own leadership abilities, they lose on an opportunity to apply these skills effectively.  Conversely, when an executive overestimates their own leadership abilities, they lose the opportunity to improve themselves and apply their skillset effectively.

People Centric can provide executives with 360 Feedback. This feedback is collected through a set of surveys given to coworkers, direct reports, managers, and to the executive themselves to evaluate their leadership skills. People Centric will then review the results with the executive being assessed to discuss next steps and improvement opportunities. Since the focus of the 360 is to help the executive improve their own skills, People Centric does not share the results with anyone except for the executive being assessed.

Ready to improve your leadership style? People Centric is the answer.

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