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People Centric's experienced consultants offer a wide variety of speaking topics and organizational training. We also provide relevant, practical, and insightful content that captivates our audience and compels them to action.

Speaking & Training to Inspire

Below is a list of services we commonly provide.

Professional Speaking

Our professional speakers have experience addressing a wide range of topics that benefit organizations like yours. We will collaborate with you to determine which speaking topic will have the greatest impact for your audience members. Popular topics include:

Creating a Culture of Accountability

To be successful, people in organizations have to be able to hold each other accountable. How does this happen?  What happens when employees or even management fails? How do you have those tough conversations everyone wants to ignore? Creating a Culture of Accountability answers these questions and discusses the impact that accountability can have.

High Performance Culture

Many people think of slogans, potluck lunches, open work environments and ping pong tables when they think about culture.  What about clear role definitions, employee and leadership development and accountability? The truth is that managing your culture can bring more to your bottom line than almost anything. High Performance Culture describes how organizations can build and manage a high performing culture of engagement, focus, and accountability.  We will share some surprising research on cultural factors that directly influence your performance.  We will outline some ways to make your culture more performance driven.

Those Darn Millennials

It's inevitable; millennials are here and aren't going anywhere. Since 2014, they are officially the majority of the workforce.  But will they work hard and stay with your organization? Managers are struggling and are needing to understand how to work with this generation.  Those Darn Millennials outlines the working habits of millennials versus other generations and how to maximize their productivity.


Our approach to training is different than the traditional approach. Training is not effective if the people involved in the training cannot use it after they leave the session. We work hard to create interactive, high-energy learning experiences that focus on driving results long after the training is completed.


We have experience getting everyone in the audience involved, engaged, and willing to talk. The People Centric approach to facilitation helps you and your people develop viable answers and gain new insights.

Webinars / Video Conferencing

We can interact through custom webinars. Backed by the lastest technologies, we use our expertise to create a powerful conversation that can break down geographical barriers.

How We Helped Wood Re New

Wood Re New's Stan Krempges invested in a one-on-one coaching session in which People Centric examined his personal interests, passions, and work methods.

Watch the customer story for Watch Wood Re New.

We brought in the folks from People Centric several years ago to speak at our annual convention and train our franchisees. They learned and enjoyed the presentation so much that we have brought them back every year since.
Sonja KrempgesFranchise Co-Founder, Renew Crew

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