Business Analysis

How often do you invest time to consider where the opportunities within your organization lie? Our business process consulting services focus on several critical aspects that directly impact your team’s output and, in turn, your bottom line.

Business Process Consulting Services

When it comes to business process consulting services, People Centric understands that both people and processes are critical to an organization that can function at its best. Therefore, our work includes a company cultural analysis, leadership analysis, and business process analysis to identify strengths you can build on and shortcomings you must correct for long-term viability.

By conducting a combination of online surveys and individual interviews, we will produce a comprehensive report that shines a light on both process and personnel issues. Once we’ve reviewed the report together, your entire team will have a clear picture of where the organization stands today as well as what you can address to reach greener ground in the future.

Our Seven Critical Business Systems™

People Centric has determined there are seven critical areas in organizations that require deliberate focus to ensure a solid and profitable business. People Centric offers a variety of services, from online surveys and individual interviews to analyzing your business and identifing your biggest opportunities within each of the seven systems.

Our most comprehensive analysis is our Pathfinder™, a study that looks at both the strengths and weaknesses of your internal culture and the health of your internal business systems. The Pathfinder analysis ends with a presentation of findings and a report outlining your strengths and biggest opportunities.

People Centric utilizes many other tried-and-true tools, each of which are designed to yield insights into your organization that can be used to take action. Other analysis tools we utilize include:

Contact us today to learn more about how our Seven Critical Business Systems or other business analysis tools can help your business!

How We Helped Maschino's

In 2009, the country’s economic downturn forced the staff to completely address any business operations holding back the company from maximum efficiency. That’s when Dornan made the call to People’s Centric Consulting Group.

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Since we hired People Centric, our numbers are up and our drama is down.
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