Building Engaged Teams

  • 67%

    of employees in the U.S. are considered disengaged—or worse, toxic. Only 33% are considered truly engaged.

  • 70%

    of disengagement in employees is a result of poor management.

  • 21%

    is the average increase in profitability for companies with higher levels of employee engagement.

Listen to Your People With Our Business Analysis

The first step to better engage your team is to listen. Our Business Analysis process, known as a Pathfinder, begins by collecting information from your team through surveys and personal interviews of your employees and management. We take the information collected from your team and present our insights to your executive team in a Pathfinder Report. The Pathfinder Report lists your top organizational strengths and your best opportunities for moving forward. Finally, our team lays out potential next steps and how People Centric can partner with your organization to implement those next steps and drive meaningful results.

Let your people know they are being heard.

Work Better Together with Team Dynamics and Effective Communication

More gets done when people can work together. Teams collaborate best when they utilize the strengths of each individual, communicate effectively, build trust with one another, and discover a common purpose. People Centric can customize a workshop that helps your employees fully understand the unique qualities that make up your team. With a team dynamics workshop, you can strengthen your team and help them reach their fullest potential.

Schedule a meeting with us to help your team discover a common purpose.

Train Your Managers to Lead and Motivate With Our Management Seminar

Most supervisors, managers, and even executives get promoted because they were good at their last job.  Unfortunately, companies are not training their managers to lead and motivate their staff, which sets everyone up for failure. Based on real successes and failures we’ve seen working with managers in the field, People Centric has created a People Centric Management Seminar that fosters interactive, applicable management training. We can also partner with you to provide you and your team with ongoing support.

Discover how to prepare your managers for success with the People Centric Management Seminar. 

Create a Talent Pipeline

The best company leaders put the right people in the right positions and prepare for who is coming next. Too often companies are not prepared for a key person to exit the organization. Develop your leadership pipeline by training each persons’ replacement before they leave. People Centric can partner with you to help you identify and develop your next generation of leaders.

Let our expert consultants help you execute a valuable talent management strategy.

Make a Succession Plan

Many company owners find themselves critical to operations and unable to focus on the future. People Centric can partner with you to redesign your company and get the right people in the right roles so that your company can run without you stuck in day-to-day procedures. It’s time to run your company instead of letting your company run you.

By partnering with People Centric, you can transform every role in your organization in terms of better communication, stronger management, realigned goals, and overall performance. Get in touch with us today.

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People Centric has brought our people together in a strategic planning effort that has been very successful for us. In fact, our staff is now making recommendations on how to better serve our clients and how to more effectively run our company.
Richard OllisPresident, Ollis and Company

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