Our Process

The People Centric Process is simple: Engagement. Focus. Accountability. Our proven process guides each and every interaction we have with our clients.

Why Our Process Works

Engagement. Focus. Accountability. The People Centric Process is centered around creating engagement among the staff, so people buy in on specific goals and objectives. Once they are committed to the plan, we guide them to achieve the goals by focusing on specific tasks and tactics. We are there through the entire process and hold all parties accountable for real results.

Our business consulting process focuses on people.

The Process is People Centric

Just like our services, our consulting process is centered on the people who directly impact your success:

  1. Initial Interview: In this initial 10- to 15-minute discussion, we will get to know a little bit about your organization and you can learn a little about People Centric. Ready to get started? Great: To schedule the initial interview, call or email us.
  2. Challenge Interview: In this call or in-person meeting, we will ask you questions about the biggest challenges your organization is facing. We will take these challenges back to our team of experts and discuss possible solutions to apply.
  3. Solutions Interview: We will present potential solutions to your challenges. Unlike many consultants who will tell you exactly what to do, we will work with you to co-create the best path forward. As our clients can attest, because our guidance is based on collaborative thinking, our recommended solutions produce better results in the end.
  4. Proposal: Once we arrive at a mutually agreed upon solution, we will create a proposal outlining the terms of a potential engagement with People Centric.
  5. Kick Off Meeting: Your executives will meet with your People Centric team to thoroughly review the desired outcomes of the engagement and collect basic information.
  6. Dashboard Meetings: For extended engagements, we will meet monthly with your executive team to track our mutual progress from the previous month, to offer our People Centric insights, and to set goals in our engagement over the next month. These meetings will keep us on track and accountable to each other.
  7. Closing Meeting: When our engagement is concluded, we will meet with you one last time to review the results and present final recommendations.
People Centric works with organizations to implement change, create forward momentum, and motivate people to perform.
Diana DayChief Business Officer

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