Our History

Transforming companies since 2012.


People Centric Consulting Group, LLC was founded in 2012 by Don Harkey and Randy Mayes. It stemmed from the merging of two established and growing companies owned by Don and Randy; Galt Consulting (Don) and The Success Coach Network (Randy).

After Don and Randy met in 2007, they decided to combine Don’s organizational consulting approach with Randy’s coaching approach and began working with clients together on a program that they called “People Centric”. The program helped organizations improve by working with them to gain clear direction, build intuitive processes, and engage their people.  During the years 2008-2011, the two continued to partner together and use this program with more clients. Together they built a significant client base.  In 2011, the two decided to restructure their separate businesses to better reflect the reality of their services and founded People Centric Consulting Group, LLC on January 1, 2012. 

WIth our mission and vision at the forefront of our company, our reach expands outside of the Missouri Area and we are proud to be promoting the People Centric approach to businesses and organizations everywhere.


We partner with people to make long-term, high-quality relationships and get real results for their businesses.
Randy MayesPeople Centric Chief Executive Officer

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