The People Centric Approach

Whether you need to define your management plan, recruit the right employees, or establish effective systems as your company grows, we work with you to find long-term, practical solutions. Together, we implement intuitive processes that engage and align your team and create a culture of high performance. Accountability, collaboration, and communication are fundamental to our approach as we seek to shift your corporate culture to a ‘we’ approach that drives real results.



We put people at the center of every organization by building healthy organizations where people are aligned and empowered.



Our Team

Our trained, knowledgeable professionals are your business experts. When you work with People Centric, you get access to everyone on our team and their expertise as we collaborate behind the scenes to ensure we maximize the impact for our clients.



Don Harkey

Chief Executive Officer

Diana Day

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Griswold

Engagement Specialist

Bethany Bishop

Operations Specialist

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