One thing an organization should do to improve employee retention is train its managers on tactics like leadership team development. Ineffective management is an epidemic in business. It’s understandable because most managers simply aren’t trained to manage. They are good employees who are promoted to management positions but receive no additional training. They do their best with the knowledge they have based on their own experiences but struggle to motivate and lead people to develop team strengths and improve productivity.

The result in the United States is staggering. A Gallup study in 2014 found that 5 out of 8 employees are disengaged at work. What about the remaining 3? Two of them (1 in 4) are toxic employees who are actively campaigning against the organization. This leaves 1 out of 8 of your people who are “all in” and fully engaged in the success of your organization. This presents quite an opportunity.

Train your managers to be effective. Teach them how to engage employees, capitalize on team strengths, help them to focus on what they need to accomplish, and how to foster a climate of accountability. The results will be widespread and very positive.

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