This may sound cliché, but it is incredible how a little nudge of kindness or attention can really set a positive tone in an interaction.  As a leader in your organization, these nudges can really add up through the day.  Here are some quick examples of attitude nudges:

  • Greeting people as they come to work and saying goodbye when they leave
  • Take interest in a person’s personal life as you learn something (“how are the kids?”)
  • Giving a quick smile to someone as you pass by them
  • A quick word of “thanks” for a job well done
  • An email of encouragement or thanks
  • Bringing someone a drink or bite to eat
  • Grabbing a piece of paper for someone off the copier
  • Acknowledging a difficult situation

Try to add more attitude nudges in your day and you might be surprised what happens.

Categories: Communication

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