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Back To The Drawing Board

By: Bethany Bishop

Recently, it was released that banks including Goldman Sachs are adjusting their dress code to be less "stuffy". International companies like Nordea are hosting fashion shows, and a majority of us know of a company that has either a space for napping or a gym for working out. 

Which Organizational Chart is Best?

By: Jarrod Underdown

There are a lot of organizational charts companies can use, but one stands out above the rest.

It's Time for a Redesign

By: Don Harkey

Is there a better approach to improving the performance of the organization? Yes!

Why You Must Include These 5 Things in Your Strategic Plan

By: Don Harkey

Here are the 5 things you must include in your next strategic plan.

The 6 Step Guide to Creating a Strategic Plan That Works

By: Don Harkey

Follow our 6 step guide to formal strategic planning.

Too Many Good Ideas

By: Don Harkey

There are different perspectives out there, but when we can collaboratively put our perspectives together, we can execute the big picture.

When Startup Capital Kills Your Business

By: Don Harkey

Starting a business can be tricky. Don Harkey explains how he did it and mentions a couple of best practices to start off on the right foot.

People Centric SMART Goals

By: People Centric Consulting Group

Most of us were taught to make SMART Goals, but were we all taught to make People Centric SMART Goals?

Finding the Heart of Your Mission

By: People Centric Consulting Group

Our strategic planning consultants shared insights about the importance of establishing a mission statement as the core of your organization’s purpose.

Five Tips When Starting a New Business

By: Don Harkey

Starting a Business can be challenging. Use some of our tips to get started.

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