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Take One STEP at a Time

By: Don Harkey

We don't have to make it complicated - just take a STEP.

Develop a Talent Management Strategy to Build and Retain Your Culture

By: Don Harkey

Do you have a talent management strategy in place to attract great employees, as well as keep the superstars you have? PCCG explains the how and why.

Solving the Workforce Shortage

By: Don Harkey

You are having trouble finding good talent for your business and the reality is that you are not alone.  There is a significant workforce shortage in the US and it is hindering growth for businesses throughout the country.

A Simple Solution to the Talent Shortage

By: Don Harkey

One of the funniest commercials I can remember was for Smirnoff Ice.  You can watch it here or I'll summarize for you below.

3 Components of Talent Management Strategy

Utilizing talent management strategies for your organization can lead to high profitability and productivity.

Establishing a Leadership Pipeline

By: Bethany Bishop

Leadership is constantly changing, so how do you keep up? By establishing a leadership pipeline, you can always be prepared for new leaders and managers.

Avoid the Cultural Pitfalls of the Fair Labor Standards Act

By: Don Harkey

There have been some major changes involving the FLSA. Be sure to avoid the major cultural pitfalls.

How Ineffective Performance Appraisal Methods Hinder High Performance Culture

By: Don Harkey

Ineffective performance appraisals hinder high-performance cultures. People Centric’s management seminars created by business development consultants can help.

Interview Techniques

By: Matt Battaglia

Hiring can be stressful, but knowing how to properly interview can be a life saver!

Four Types of Interviews

By: Diana Day

There are four primary interview types People Centric recommends for successful hiring.

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