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OK, Boomer!

By: Don Harkey

Twenty years ago, the Boomer generation couldn’t wait until the Millennial generation hit the workforce.  They were going to be the next great generation and we’re going to be nice change of pace from the individualist, disloyal Generation X. 

You Aren't That Important.

By: Don Harkey

You aren’t that important.  Yep, I said it.

What is Your Why?

By: Diana Royalty

About five years ago, I wrote a blog called, “We get it. You’re Busy. Who Isn’t…” in which I stated that I hated the word “busy” because people use it as a way to describe their lives. I still don’t want to hear that you are busy when I ask how you are. It is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I further went on to say  I prefer to believe that I am active and engaged and taking on new challenges, and not busy.  In my world, I chose to stop glorifying the word busy.  It has been about five years since I wrote that blog and well...

Your People Want to Grow

By: Bethany Bishop

When we started our careers or new jobs, we each had some sort of preconceived expectation or goal. The company we were joining had no idea what we were capable of. The sky was the limit and we had plans; BIG plans.

Finding "The One"

By: Don Harkey

Talent attraction and retention is a battlefield. Companies are vying for employee attention, and we are all determined to find the perfect match.  Traditional hiring tells us that to find this person, we need to search for someone who might simply 'work' or 'do the job.' And we generally hire this person because we get hiring fatigue and choose to settle.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

By: Don Harkey

It's nice to work in our strengths, but it isn't always our reality.

Finding Talent In Your Organization

By: Matt Griswold

"How do I find talented people for my organization?" is a question pondered by many owners.

Three Steps for Managing Chaos

By: Matt Griswold

Chaos is a major enemy in our life, but it controls us. These three truths and steps to managing chaos can help.

Ships & Shipwrecks

By: Don Harkey

With every great employee success, there is also a risk of a great employee failure. When employees and companies are empowered to take great risks, things could go wrong, but think about the great things that could happen?

Carrying the Burden

By: Don Harkey

It's time we lean on our teams when moments get tough and busy.

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