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Our Newest Engagement Specialist is...

By: People Centric Team

After sorting through hundreds of resumes and searching diligently for multiple months, we are pleased to introduce our newest team member, Bethany Taff.

People Centric Consulting Group Announces New CEO

By: People Centric Consulting Group

Don Harkey has become the sole shareholder and CEO of People Centric Consulting Group, LLC.

Happy Five Years, People Centric!

By: Don Harkey

In five years, strategic planning consulting firm People Centric has grown leaps and bounds and hosted management seminars for organizations of all kinds.

Formal Strategic Planning Firm Celebrates Business Milestones

People Centric Consulting Group, an organization specializing in formal strategic planning and management seminars for varying industries, turns 5 in January.

Formal Strategic Consulting Firm to Expand Award-Winning Team of Business Development Consultants

People Centric Consulting Group is planning to add a formal strategic and consulting professional to its staff of business communication experts.

People Centric Consulting Group CEO Received "Man of the Year" Award

By: People Centric Consulting Group

Randy Mayes, CEO of formal strategic planning firm People Centric, recently received one of Springfield Business Journal’s distinguished “Men of the Year” awards.

People Centric Consulting Group Names Diana Day as Chief Business Officer

By: People Centric Consulting Group

People Centric has named Diana Day as its CBO. After more than 30% growth in the past year, People Centric established the CBO position to oversee administrative, financial, and operations management for the company.

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