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How to Keep Score and Win

By: Don Harkey

What defines winning for your organization? How do you define winning for yourself?

Is it Time to Open Your Books?

By: Don Harkey

Opening the books to your employees is a scary step. Are you ready?

Let Them Go

By: Don Harkey

We often think our workplace is the place everyone should stay. Maybe it's not.

The Right Leader

By: Don Harkey

I recently attended the 2019 Gathering of the Games in Dallas, Texas.  As a newly certified Great Game of Business Coach, it was my first trip to the Gathering.  At the Gathering, I had the pleasure of seeing several business owners who had transformed their businesses by engaging the talent around them.  They all told a similar story. 

How to Break the Cycle of Toxicity

By: Don Harkey

When we talk to management about a toxic employee, management tends to put a lot of attention on that employee.  When we talk to the toxic employee, they tend to put a lot of attention on management.  This is very natural, very normal, and unfortunately, not very helpful in correcting the situation.

From Friend to Boss

By: Don Harkey

It's great when you get to be the friend, but how do you become the boss?

The Management Hole

By: Don Harkey

I recently stayed at a hotel and was eating breakfast at the hotel restaurant.  An occupational hazard of our work is that we often observe teams working in public and can well assess the health of the culture.  You’ve probably done the same thing at a restaurant.  You can just “feel” how the team works together.

Secrets of Succession Planning

By: Don Harkey

There are so many things to think about when creating a succession plan. We can help.

Two Key Factors Linked to Managerial Promotions

By: Bethany Bishop

It is a universal truth; we all need effective management.

It's Time to Take Our Power Back!

By: Don Harkey

There are times when you just need to take control!

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