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Little Actions to Shift Attitudes

By: Don Harkey

There are little things you can do to change the attitude of your employees.

Does Community Engagement Really Matter?

By: Don Harkey


Let's Play The Game!

By: Don Harkey

I recently completed my certification and am now a licensed coach for The Great Game of BusinessTM!  People Centric is excited to partner with The Great Game of Business to offer this service to our clients.  We've already implemented parts of the Game with some clients and are excited by the results.

The Right Leader

By: Don Harkey

I recently attended the 2019 Gathering of the Games in Dallas, Texas.  As a newly certified Great Game of Business Coach, it was my first trip to the Gathering.  At the Gathering, I had the pleasure of seeing several business owners who had transformed their businesses by engaging the talent around them.  They all told a similar story. 

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