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We Get It. You're Busy. Who Isn't...

By: Diana Day

We Get It. You're Busy. Who Isn't...

People Centric SMART Goals

By: People Centric Consulting Group

Most of us were taught to make SMART Goals, but were we all taught to make People Centric SMART Goals?

Formal Strategic Planning Firm Celebrates Business Milestones

People Centric Consulting Group, an organization specializing in formal strategic planning and management seminars for varying industries, turns 5 in January.

Managers Can Solve Problems but Often Shouldn't

By: Don Harkey

Managers are always expected to already have all of the answers. However, they do not always have to be the best solution to solving all of your problems.

Avoid the Cultural Pitfalls of the Fair Labor Standards Act

By: Don Harkey

There have been some major changes involving the FLSA. Be sure to avoid the major cultural pitfalls.

Five Steps for Improving your Employee Engagement in 2017

By: Don Harkey

As 2016 is coming to a close, there are lots of things you can do to gear up for 2017. Take these five steps to make sure you have your best year yet!

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