The new committee gets together to brainstorm ideas.  The conversation is energizing and exciting.  When the first meeting ends, there is a buzz in the room.  The second meeting starts and more ideas flow.  Some discussions from the first meeting are renewed, but very little is accomplished.  The committee is starting to spin.  The third meeting comes and people are much less energized.  People don’t know what to talk about and very little is accomplished.  You are now a victim of the committee vacuum.

There is a better way to do it.  The best way to get results is to take it one STEP at a time.  STEP is an acronym that outlines a great approach to accomplishing a project as a committee.

STRATEGIC - The committee should start with a clear purpose.  What strategic objective is the committee trying to support?  Why does the committee exist?

TEAM - It is tempting sometimes for people to do things on their own, but its really important to have a team of people working together.  You will get a diversity of thought, experiences, and insights. 

ENGAGEMENT - Assuming your committee wants to accomplish something, a great practice is to include representation of the people who will be impacted by the change you are making.  Why?  By getting key stakeholders involved, you will get more buy in on the output of the committee.

PROJECT - Don’t bite off too much.  A project has a beginning, an end, and has results.  Make sure your committee project is well scoped as something that you can accomplish.  Vague objectives like “improve communication” will create frustration.  Make sure you know what you want to accomplish and how you will know if you are successful.

Follow the STEP method and you’ll find the cure for terrible committees!

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