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What Facilitation Is; And What It Isn't

By: Bethany Bishop

A facilitation is only as successful as your approach.

The 6 Step Guide to Creating a Strategic Plan That Works

By: Don Harkey

Follow our 6 step guide to formal strategic planning.

Clash of Company Cultures

By: Don Harkey

Merging two companies brings its' hiccups and challenges. Through strategy formulation and business communication, it can ease some of the pains.

A Board's Purpose

By: Don Harkey

Getting clarity of your organization's board is just one part of the beginning stages of reaching success.

What's Your EQ?

Our July Mastermind was nothing short of a great time! Business professionals all over Springfield gathered together for a delicious breakfast and participated in a seminar hosted by Matt Griswold about emotional intelligence.

Ownership is NOT a Character Trait

Too much control is a bad thing. Discover the importance of leaders getting buy-in and why leadership is more valuable than ownership.

3 Components of Talent Management Strategy

Utilizing talent management strategies for your organization can lead to high profitability and productivity.

13 Fun Ideas You HAVE to Try with Your Employees

During our recent leadership workshop, we identified 13 easy ways to bring fun and productivity together.

Work FUNdamentals: The Science of Work and Play

Each month, our team hosts a two-hour leadership workshop for leaders to share ideas and learn concepts that are easily applicable to help their organization be more People Centric. Our topic for this month was Work FUNdamentals: the science behind work and play.

5 Habits of Highly Successful Businesses

Successful business is more than a habit; it is a series of habits.

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