leadership development

Leadership Development

Create your own leadership pipeline


Almost everyone in your organization has the potential of becoming a great leader.

When people are using their own strengths and passionately pursuing a worthwhile mission, they naturally tend to lead others. We are experts at engaging people in meaningful conversations that help them and their organizations grow. Start growing leaders today!

Don’t go out looking for great leaders … create them within your own organization!

Our Leadership Development Services


  • Leadership Mastermind Group
    Once a month, bring a group of your top people to learn powerful concepts that you can apply to your business. Participants gather ideas and then work with their peers from other companies to find ways to positively impact your business. Take what you learn back to your workplace and start seeing immediate results.
  • Strategic Executive Partnership (SEP)
    From time to time, we form groups of elite, non-competing business executives that meet once per month to help each other solve key challenges. Email RandyMayes@PeopleCCG.com for more info.


  • Team Dynamics Workshop
    Our expert facilitators will provide strengths assessments for your team and then conduct a workshop showing you how the personalities on your team lead to creativity and conflict.  You’ll never work together the same way again… and you’ll love it!  Contact Diana Day to get started.

When people work within their strengths, they’re motivated to lead.